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Survival Skills Week

A second major event that is held annually by the Bathurst Youth Center is our Survival Skills Week. 

The Board of Directors of the Youth Center chooses among all applications, 10 youth to live

in rented cabins in the woods for one week each summer.  The youth are chosen; and are taught

how to fish, camp, respect nature, and basically how to live and cooperate with others. 

Employees of the Bathurst Youth Center teach the youth about night skills, compass reading,

cooking etc.  A member of the Pabineau First Nations teaches the youth about the aboriginal culture

and beliefs.  The Centre has summer students who also assist in this camping adventure by

teaching the youth how to canoe, fish, play games and basically how to just have fun. 

The youth who attend this camp are chosen among those whom the Board of Directors' feel

would not otherwise have the opportunity to live such an experience.If you need more

information call the Bathurst Youth Center at  (506) - 549 - 3215

*See activities page for more info!
Chaleur Outstanding Youth Awards

The Chaleur Outstanding Youth Awards (COYA) Gala is held in February or March every year and honors youth who excel in one of eight categories:


  1. Performing Arts

  2. Courage & Bravery

  3. Individual Sports

  4. Volunteerism

  5. Academics

  6. Fine Arts

  7. Team Sports

  8. Perseverance


Turnaround Achievement Award Banquet

Each year, the Chaleur Youth Future Committee holds the Turnaround Achievement

Awards banquet.  The Turnaround Achievement Awards Program is held annually in our

region by all schools in the Chaleur Region.  This program aims to recognize youth who have

demonstrated effort, engagement and perseverance in order to give a positive turn to their life. 

This event is a huge success with the youth, the parents and the school establishments and

the community.  It is therefore a real occasion to make a difference in the lives of youth.

The criteria of selectin are established by the schools. 

Examples of criteria from other award programs include attitude, behaviour, academic performance,

personal handicaps and even substance abuse.  Principals, teachers, and guidance counsellors

are involved in the selection of the nominees.  The final selections are determined by the 

Chaleur Youth Future Committee. This event is held every year in May at the

Conference Centre of Danny’s Motor Inn in Beresford.